Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I'm Not Kylie Minogue: An Acoustic Gig
The Substation Garden
5 Oct0ber 2002

Patrick Chng (The Oddfellows)
Yee Chang Kang (The Ordinary People)
Leslie Low (Humpback Oak)
Jon Chan & Sham (Plainsunset)

Do you remember the Garden? We sat on stone, dirt and roots listening to our sonic youth in awkwardness exuberance hoping for a breeze to fan our desires. When it rained, we got wet. And at acoustic gigs like this, the motorruptions of a city abuzz, dense ubiety.

Gig flyer (left); high flyer (right)

And a halo surrounds you, Patrick Chng

Pre-Timbre: Sham, Jon Chan and a creeping arborescence